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Saturday, April 21, 2012

BIG DADDY [1999]

Once You Adopt A Kid, 
You've Got To Keep Him

I know this is the right thing because I would die for this kid just so he won't feel one ounce of sadness. 
That's why you're here right now, to protect me, to be scared for me to be a good father. 
And that's exactly what I'm gonna be. 

[Sonny]: I'm thinkin' about keepin' the kid. 
[Phil D'Amato]: Sonny, remember that time you went with me to the pet store to get fish food and you saw that cute little puppy and you wanted to get it, 
but then I reminded you about feeding it and cleaning it and toilet-training it?
[Sonny]: Yeah... 
[Phil D'Amato]: Well, this is kinda like that - except with a human!

[Sonny]: I got some interesting news? 
[Lenny]: Oh yeah, what?
[Sonny]: I kind of adopted a kid.
[Lenny]: What the hell are you talking about? 
[Sonny]: I'm talking about you being a grandfather! Congratulations! 
[Lenny]: Who the hell would give you a kid?
[Sonny]: Social Services. 
[Lenny]: You idiot! You better give that kid back! 
[Sonny]: His mother's... hang on, hang on.
[shouts at Julian from afar] Go play with them pigeons, buddy! 
I tried to give him back. 
I just, I just, I just can't, Dad. I need your help. 
I'm in a bad way right now, Vanessa dumped me, I don't know what the hell I'm doing! 
[Lenny]: You damn right you don't know what the hell you doing!
[Sonny]: The kid is always around, especially for the last few days. 
You think he'd give me a little privacy but he just never leaves me alone, I'm in deep shit.
[Lenny]: Just give that kid back right now, before you ruin BOTH YOUR LIVES! 
[Sonny]: Oh, I appreciate that Dad. 
[Lenny]: He'd be better off living in a dumpster then living with you! 
[Lenny]: That's impossible, all you ever care about is yourself.
[Sonny]: I care about you saving money on this phone call. 

[Julian, after finding out he has to be taken from Sonny by the social services]: 
You don't want me here anymore? 
[Sonny, close to tears]: No, that's not it, pal. You just have to go away for awhile.
[Julian]: How long am I going away for?
[Sonny]: I don't want to lie to you. I don't think we'll be seeing each other anymore. 
I screwed up, I'm so sorry. 
Come here, put your coat on. 
This is not your fault, okay? I'm the idiot 
[Julian]: I don't wanna go! 
[Sonny]: I know you don't, but you have to. You'll be okay, alright?
[Julian, cling to Sonny]: Please don't make me go. 
I won't play the Kangaroo Song anymore. 
[Sonny]: I know buddy, that's not it.
[Julian]: Please, I promise! 
I'm sorry, I don't even like that song anymore! 
And I wipe my own ass! I wipe my own ass! 
[Sonny]: I know!


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