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Saturday, April 14, 2012


These Two Opposites Attract... 
But Everyone's Trying To Keep Them Apart!

Taylor: Oh, but don't worry, Zack, I mean I'll still go to the prom with you
I mean, we're going to be elected.
It's only appropriate for the king and queen to go together.
 Zack: I don't know what to say.
Taylor: Oh, so don't then, Zack. I mean, it's been fun.
But did you honestly think that I was going to leave for college still dating you?
[Zack didn't answer]
Taylor: Oh, my God, you did. No way. That is so sweet.

D.J.: By the way, my condolences go out to a certain individual who got dissed and dismissed by his long-time, magically delicious girlfriend.
Preston: Relax, man, no one knows it's you.
D.J.: Hang in there, Zack. It happens to the best of us.
Keep that head up, all right, son?
As far as the other dude, if it doesn't kill you, it only makes you stronger, all right?

Zack: Who the hell does she think she is?
There are 2,000 girls in this school and I can bump monkeys with every one of them.
Taylor Vaughan is totally replaceable.
Dean: Spare me this wax shit about replaceable, because we're talking about Taylor Vaughan here.
Preston: Sorry, man, he's right...
Dean: Of course I'm right.
I mean, the girl's an institution in this place.
Every girl wants to be her, and every guy wants to nail her.

Dean: This guy thinks he could do anything, let him prove it.
What do you say, Zack?
Zack: A bet?
Dean: Yeah.
Unless, of course, you're too heartbroken.
Zack: Just name the terms.
Dean: All right, it's simple.
I'll pick the girl and you got 6 weeks to turn her into the prom queen.
Zack: You got it.

Dean: Gentlemen, we have a winner.
Zack: What, Laney Boggs? Uh-uh! No, no, no, no.
Dean: Hey, a bet's a bet.
Zack: Look, fat I can handle.
Weird boobs, bad personality, maybe some sort of fungus.
Come on... Scary and inaccessible is another story.
Dean: Hey, man, if I were you, I wouldn't be wasting my time.
Cause by my calculations you got 6 weeks until the prom.
And if Laney Boggs is going to be queen, I'd say you pretty much got your work cut out for you.

Chandler: What she's trying to say is you should be careful, right?
Taylor: Careful of what? 
I can win this thing in fluorescent lighting on the first day of my period, cloaked in tacky rags, okay?
My mother was prom queen in '71.
My cousin, prom queen in '82.
And my sister would have been prom queen in '94 
if it wasn't for that scandal on the Color Me Badd tour bus.
I am a goddamn legacy, all right.
And besides, not to be a bitch, but who's going to beat Taylor Vaughan?
Katie: God, I hope that's not your acceptance speech.

Laney: You can't just keep showing up like this.
Zack: And you can't keep avoiding me.

I think you're afraid to let anything good happen to you.
~Jesse Jackson

Zack: I thought we were going together.
Dean: Zack, enough's enough. This isn't cool anymore.
I like this girl, and you got to stop this whole bet thing.
Laney: Bet?
Dean: Yeah, it was so stupid, Laney.
Zack said he can make any girl prom queen, and you were the one picked.
So he thinks that if he takes you to the prom, it'll help you win.
[to Zack] People have feelings, man.
Laney: Is that true?
Am I a bet? Am I a bet? AM I A FUCKING BET?!
Zack: Yes.
Taylor: You didn't think you became popular for real, did you?
Oh, you did? So sweet...

Ms. Rousseau: Laney, I wanted you to know.
Your final project, that picture of your mother, extremely moving.
May be the best piece that I have seen all year from anyone.
At least that's what I told all of your art schools whan I faxed them last Monday.
Laney: You're kidding.
Ms. Rousseau: I have spent 4 years trying to open you up, Laney Boggs.
Whatever's responsible for this change, don't let it go.

Zack: I made that bet before I knew you, Laney.
Before I really knew me.
 Laney: What was it for anyway?
I mean, what did you end up losing?
Zack: My best friend.
She taught me a lot.
Before her, I thought we had to have all the anwers right now.
Laney: And now?
Zack: I'm kind of liking the fact that I don't.


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