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Saturday, April 14, 2012

END OF DAYS [1999]

End of Days
Prepare For The End

WBAZ time is 8:06.
3 more nights, New York, 3 more nights left in the century.
3 more nights left in  the millennium.
3 more nights until every computer fails.
3 more nights until the biggest celebration in the history of this city starts in Times Square.
Where will you be?
~Radio Announcer

Priest: Oculus Dei! The thousand years has ended!
The dark angel is loosed from his prison!
Jericho: Get down on the ground and put your hands behind your head.
Priest: You don't know what you've done!
Jericho: Get down or I'll put you down!
Priest: The thousand years has ended!
You don't know what you've done!

Marge: You still drinking?
Bobby: Oh, yeah, we got all liquored up this morning.
We start every day that way.
Marge: I'm just reading his statement.
You said here the guy spoke to you.
Jericho: Yeah, so what?
Marge: The guy doesn't have a tongue.

"I have seen the earth laid to waste. I have seen the horror to come.
Is it a sin to wish you were never born?
The thousand years have ended.
Twenty... seven"
Huh, it ends in a football score.
~Jericho Cane

Bobby: Why is it someone would cut out their own tongue?
Jericho: To keep from talking.

Father Kovak: Do you believe in God?
Jericho: Maybe once, but not anymore.
Father Kovak: What happened?
Jericho: We had a difference of opinion.
I thought that my wife and daughter should live, and He felt otherwise.
Father Kovak: I'm sorry to hear about the loss.
Maybe it's time for you to renew your faith.

If you don't believe in God,
how can you understand his adversary?
~Father Kovak

Jericho: This amulet is from a Masonic order in a former sub-herald of the Vatican knights.
The Knights of The Holy See.
They await the return of The Dark Angel to earth.
Christine: So, the men that attacked me are devil worshippers?
Jericho: No. This says they're the good guys.
They're the ones that are supposed to stop the devil worshippers.

Father Kovak: You know anything about the number of the beast?
Revelation of St. John. From his dream?
Christine: 666?
Father Kovak: The number of the beast is no 666.
Often in dreams, numbers appear upside down and backwards.
so 666 becomes 999.
Like in 1999, the year of his return.
Christine: What does that have to do with me?
Father Kovak, showing the symbol from the book: Regressus diaboli, the return of Satan.
Does any of this look familiar to you?
[Christine nodded and show her birthsign]
She's been chosen.
He's in her blood.
The Holy Church has been searching for you since the day you were born.
Christine: Chosen for what?
Father Kovak: Every thousand years, on the eve of the millennium,
The Dark Angel comes and takes a body,
and then he walks the earth, looking for a woman who will bear his child.
It all has to happen in that unholy hour before midnight on new year's eve.
If he consummates your flesh with this human body,
then he unlocks the gate of hell,
and everything as we know it ceases to exist.
Jericho: So, The Prince of Darkness want to conquer the earth, 
but has to wait until an hour before midnight of new year's eve?
Is this Eastern time?
Father Kovak: It's got nothing to do with new year's eve.
It has to do with a temporary celestial alignment.
The Gregorian monks studied the heavens.
They were able to calculate the precise moment of this event.
They created our calendar by mapping this event
and counting backwards from that moment.

Christine: Why did he pick me?
Father Kovak: Because the stars were right when you were born.

Jericho: If the devil does exist, why doesn't your God do anything?
Father Kovak: It's not my God, it's our God,
and He doesn't say that He will save us.
  He says that we will save ourselves.
Christine: Save myself?
What am I supposed to do? Get a restraining order?
Father Kovak: We have to have faith.
Jericho, mocking: Faith...
Father Kovak: Yes, faith. It's an interesting concept.
If you read the Bible, you can't miss it. Faith!

Oh, look at you, torn apart by guilt.
You didn't do anything wrong, you were an honest cop.
You didn't take money.
You had to testify against them even after they threatened your family.
Most people would never testify against those guys.
They're not like you.
You had to do the right thing.
And where was God, huh?
He could've stopped it, but He didn't.
He fucked you!
Then He made you feel guilty.
Me, I don't do guilt.
I didn't do what happened here.
He did.

Let me tell you something about Him.
He is the biggest underachiever of all time.
He just had a good publicist, that's all.
Something good happens, "It's His will."
Something bad happens, "He moves in mysterious ways."
You take that overblown press kit they call the Bible.
You look for the answer in there, what do they tell you?
"Shit happens."

Satan: Tell me what you want and I'll give it to you.
Jericho: I'll tell you what I want.
I want you to go to hell.
Satan: You see, sometimes the problem is...
[grab Jericho on his collar and push him to the window]
hell comes to you!

Father Kovak: Your Eminence, what are you doing?
Cardinal: We cannot allow this union to take place.
Father Kovak: You can't! You mustn't!
Cardinal: She is only one life.
How many lives are you prepared to end if we do nothing?
Father Kovak: That's not who we are.
Cardinal: Of course it is.
We are doing God's work.
We are preventing the end of days.
Father Kovak: But you can't prevent evil by doing evil!
Cardinal: There is no time. It's the only way.
May God forgive us.

Father Kovak: This is the house of the Lord, our God,
and you are not welcome here.
Satan: I can stand the pain of being in church.
How much pain can you bear?

A thousand years you have waited for my return.
And behold, you have failed.
And with your last breath you shall bear witness to the end of days.

It is in the darkest hour, we must have faith.

Please, God, help me, give me strength.
~Jericho Cane


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