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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Some Men Want To Rule The World
Some Women Ask For The World
Some Believe The World Is Theirs For The Taking
But For One Man, The World Is Not Enough!!!

Revenge is not hard to fathom for a man who believes in nothing.  
[James Bond]

I usually hate killing an unarmed man. Cold-blooded murder is a filthy business. 
[James Bond, to Renard]

I thought Christmas only came once a year.
[James Bond, about Dr. Christmas Jones]

There's no point living, if you can't feel alive.
[Elektra King]

[Elektra King]: I could have given you the world.
[James Bond]: The world is not enough. 
[Elektra King]: Foolish sentiment. 
[James Bond]: Family motto.

You wanna put that in English for those of us who don't speak Spy? 
[Dr. Christmas Jones]

This will not stand. 
We will not be terrorized by cowards who will murder an innocent man and use us as the tool.

[Lachaise]: So good of you to come see me, Mr Bond, particularly on such short notice.
[James Bond]: If you can't trust a Swiss banker, then what's the world come to?

[Lachaise]: I'm giving you the opportunity to walk out with the money, Mr. Bond. 
[James Bond]: I'm giving you the opportunity to walk out with your life.


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