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Sunday, April 22, 2012

TARZAN [1999]

An Immortal Legend
As You've Only Imagined

I said he could stay. That doesn't make him my son. 

I'll be the best ape ever!  
[Young Tarzan]

I was saved! I was saved by a flying wild man in a loincloth.
[Jane Porter]

[Kala]: Don't even think about it.
[Tarzan]: How'd you know it was me? 
[Kala]: I'm your mother. I know everything. Now, where have you been?
[Tarzan]: I thought you knew everything. 

[Kerchak]: Everyone, we will avoid the strangers. 
Do not let them see you and do not seek them out. 
[Tarzan]: They mean us no harm.
[Kerchak]: Tarzan, I don't know that. 
[Tarzan]: But I do. I have spent time with them. 
[Kerchak]: You may be willing to risk our safety, but I'm not. 
[Tarzan]: Why are you threatened by anyone different from you?
[Kerchak]: Protect this family and stay away from them. 
[Kala]: Tarzan, for once listen to Kerchak. 
[Tarzan]: Why didn't you tell me there were creatures who look like me?

 [Kerchak]: You came back. 
[Tarzan]: I came home. 

Hiding, are we? Good! 
I could use a challenge, because after hunting you, 
gathering up your little ape family will be all too easy! 

[Clayton]: Go ahead. Shoot me. [chuckles] Be a man.
[Tarzan, mimicking a gunshot]: Not a man like you! 


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