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Monday, January 2, 2012


Bram Stoker's Dracula
Love Never Dies

Is this my reward for defending God's church?
I renounce God!
I shall rise from my own death to avenges hers with all the powers of darkness.
[stab The Cross with his sword]
The blood is the life, and it shall be mine.

Welcome to my home.
Enter freely of your own will and leave some of the happiness you bring.
~Dracula, when Jonathan arrives

Jonathan, saw the painting on the wall: An ancestor? I see a resemblance.
Dracula: The Order of The Dracul, The Dragon.
An ancient society pledging my forefathers to defend their church aginst all enemies of Christ.
That relationship was not entirely... succesful.
Jonathan, chuckles: Oh, yes...
Dracula, drawn a sword to Jonathan: It is no laughing matter!
We, Draculs, have a right to be proud.
What devil or witch was ever so great as Attila whose blood flows in these veins?
Blood [giggles] is too precious a thing in these times. [shred his own palm]
The warlike days are over.
The victories of my great race are but a tale to be told.
[throw the sword to the dining table]
I am the last of my kind.
Jonathan, rise from his seat: I have offended you with my ignorance, Count.
Forgive me.

[after saw Jonathan's cross pendant]
Do not put your faith in such trinkets of deceit.
We are in Transylvania.
Transylvania is not England.
Our ways are not your ways.

Dracula's bride: You yourself never loved.
Dracula: Yes, I too can love. And I shall love again.

Dr. Jack: I'm at a loss, I admit.
I've taken the liberty of cabling Abraham van Helsing, the metaphysician, philosopher.
Arthur: Sounds like a goddamn witch doctor to me, Jack.
Dr. Jack: Van Helsing knows more about obscure diseases than any man in the world.
He's my teacher and mentor.
Arthur: Do it, man. Bring him here.

Blood and the diseases of the blood, such as syphilis, they concern us here.
They very name 'veneral diseases', the diseases of Venus,
imputes to them divine origin.
And they are involved in that sex problem 
about which the ethics and ideals of Christian civilization are concerned.
In fact, civilization and syphilization have advanced together.
~Prof. Abraham van Helsing

[Dr. Jack make a transfusion from Arthur to Lucy]
Arthur, to Van Helsing: Forgive me, sir, my life is hers.
I will give my last drop to save her.
Van Helsing: Your last drop? [Arthur nodded]
Thank you, you are very welcome here.
I don't ask as much as that. Not yet.

Quincey: What took it out?
Van Helsing: That's a good question, Mr. Morris.
Dr. Jack: Those marks on her throat... no disease, no trituration...
I'm sure the blood lose occured there.
Van Helsing: Oh? Where did the blood go?
You were once a careful student, Jack. Use your brain.
Where did the blood go? Tell me!
Dr. Jack: The bed will be covered in blood.
Van Helsing: Exactly!
You do not let your eyes see nor your ears hear that which you cannot account for.
Dr. Jack: Something just went up there, sucked it out of her and flew away?
Van Helsing: Ja, why not?

Gentlemen, we're not fighting some disease here.
Those marks on your dear Lucy's neck were made by something unspeakable out there.
Dead but not dead.
It stalks us for some dread purpose I do not comprehend.
To live, it feeds on Lucy's precious blood.
It is a beast, a monster.
~Prof. Abraham van Helsing

Mina: And what about the princess?
Dracula: Princess?
Mina: There is always a princess with gowns flowing white.
And her face... oh, God, her face... is a river.
The princess, she's a river filled with tears of sadness and heartbreak.
Dracula: There was a princess, Elisabeta.
She was the most radiant woman in all the empires of the world.
Man's deceit took her from her ancient prince.
She leapt to her death into the river that you spoke of.
In my mother's tongue, it called argesh, river princess.

Guard her well, Mr. Morris. Do not fail here tonight.
We are dealing with forces beyond all human experince, an enormous power, so guard her well.
Otherwise, your precious Lucy will become a bitch of the devil, a whore of darkness.
~Prof. Abraham van Helsing

Lucy is not a random victim attacked by mere accident, do you understand?
She is a willing recruit, a breathless, wanton follower.
I dare say, a devoted disciple.
She is the devil's concubine.
~Prof. Abraham van Helsing

Your impotent men with their foolish spells cannot protect you from my power.
I condemn you to living death, to eternal hunger, for living blood.
~Dracula, to Lucy

Van Helsing: I know how deeply you loved her.
That is why you must trust me and believe.
Dr. Jack: Believe? How can I believe?
Van Helsing: I want you to bring me, before nightfall, a set of postmortem knives.
Dr. Jack: An autopsy? Lucy?
Van Helsing: No, not exactly.
I just want to cut off her head and take out her heart.

She lives beyond the grace of God, a wanderer in the outer darkness.
She is vampyr, nosferatu.
These creatures do not die like the bee after the first sting,
but instead grow strong and become immortal once infected by another nosferatu.
So my friends, we might not one beast, but legions that go on age after age after age,
feeding on the blood of the living.
~Prof. Abraham Van Helsing

Van Helsing: Mr. Morris, your bullets will not harm him.
He must be beheaded.
I suggest you use your big bowie knife.
Quincey: Well, I wasn't planning on getting that close, Doc.

Dracula, put Mina's hand on his chest: There is no life in this body.
Mina, gasp: But you live, you live.
What are you?
I must know! You must tell me!
Dracula: I am... nothing. 
Mina: What do you mean?
Dracula: Hated and feared.
I am dead to all the world.
Hear me!
I am the monster that breathing men would kill.
I am Dracula.

Mina: I want to be what you are, see what you see, love what you love.
Dracula: To walk with me, you must die to your breathing life and be reborn to mine.
Mina: You are my love and my life always.
Dracula: Then, I give you life eternal, everlasting love,
the power of the storm, and the beasts of the earth.
Walk with me, to be my loving wife forever.

Dracula: I cannot let this be.
You will be cursed as I am to walk in the shadow of death for all eternity.
I love you too much to condemn you.
Mina: Then take me away from all this death.

I was betrayed!
Look what your God has done to me!

Mina: You admire him.
Van Helsing: Ja.
He was, in life, a most remarkable man, and his mind was great and powerful,
but greater is the necessity to stamp him out and destroy him utterly.


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