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Saturday, January 28, 2012


She Was Having A Perfectly Bad Day... 
Then He Came Along And Spoiled It

Let's do this right. 
Let me freshen up so I'll feel a little more like a woman and less like a dead mommy.  
[Melanie Parker]

If I ever act interested in another man again, would you please shoot me? 
[Melanie Parker]

Love your guy like a little boy and he'll grow into a man. 
[Jack Taylor]

You are like Roy Scheider at the end of Jaws, 
the moment I open the mouth you are gonna drop a bomb. 
[Jack Taylor]

That's one of the advantages of being an adult. 
You get to act like a kid anytime you feel like it. 
[Jack Taylor]

[Melanie Parker]: Your Peter Pan complex is so 90s. 
[Jack Taylor]: What Peter Pan complex? 
[Melanie Parker]: The one you're so proud of.
[Jack Taylor]: Do you have any friends? 
[Melanie Parker]: I don't have time for friends.
[Jack Taylor]: That's because of your Captain Hook complex. 

[Melanie Parker]: You're the most important thing in the world. 
[Sammy Parker]: No, I'm not. Your job is. 


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