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Monday, January 30, 2012


When Friendship Runs Deeper Than Blood

The future lay sparkling ahead, and we thought we would know each other forever.

[Carol]: The man I know is not the boy you remember.
[Shakes]: None of us are.

[Michael]: You read the Count of Monte Cristo lately? 
[Shakes]: I dunno, 10 years ago.
[Michael]: I read a little bit every night. I read words like revenge, sweet, lasting revenge.

[Shakes]: Mike, are you sure you wanna go this way?
I mean we buried this a long time ago.
[Michael]: You still sleep with the light on?

[Michael]: You gotta get me one for our side.
[Shakes]: One what?
[Michael]: One witness. 
A witness who'll put John and Tommy somewhere else on the night of the murder. 
A witness they can't touch.
[Shakes]: Don't they got a name for that?
[Michael]: A judge would call it perjury.
[Shakes]: I see, and what are we calling it?
[Michael]: A favor.

[Father Bobby]: It was the Sistine Chapel he painted. 
[John Reilly]: Sixteenth Chapel?
[Father Bobby]: Sistine Chapel. 
[John Reilly]: Who painted the other fifteen?

I just wish I could shut my eyes, 
and not see the places I've been.

I want to be able to sleep one night and not worry about who's coming in my room or what's gonna happen to me. 
If I can get that, then I'll be happy.
[Young John Reilly]

[Shakes]: I didn't know you like pigeons so much.
[King Benny]: I like anything that don't talk.

The street is the only thing that matters. 
Court is for uptown people with suits, money, lawyers with three names. 
If you got cash you can buy court justice. 
But on the street, justice has no price. 
She's blind where the judge sits but she's not blind out here. 
Out here the bitch got eyes.
[Fat Mancho]


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