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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CASPER [1995]

Get An Afterlife

All I want's a friend.

[Kat]: I can see right through you. 
[Casper]: Yeah, kind of happens when you haven't got any skin.

[Casper]: I begged and begged my dad to give me this sled, but he acted like I couldn't even have it, because I didn't know how to ride it. 
But then one morning, I came down for breakfast and there it was, just for me, for no reason at all. 
I took it out, went sledding all day. 
And my dad said "that's enough" but I couldn't stop, I was having so much fun. 
It got late, got dark, got cold... and I got sick, and my dad got sad. 
[Kat]: What's it like to die?
[Casper]: Like... being born, only backwards. 
I remember, I didn't go where I was supposed to go. I just stayed behind, so my dad wouldn't be lonely. 

[Kat]: Sometimes I worry that I'm starting to forget. 
[Casper]: Forget what? 
[Kat]: My mom. 
Just certain things. The sound of her making breakfast downstairs. 
The way she'd put on her lipstick, so carefully. 
I do remember, she always used Ivory soap, and when she'd hug me, I'd breathe her in, so deep. 
And I remember before I'd go to sleep she'd whisper in my ear, "stardust in the eyes, rosy cheeks, and a happy girl in the morning." 
[Casper]: Hmm?
[Kat]: If my mom's a ghost, did she forget about me?
[Casper]: No. She'd never forget you. Kat?
[Kat, about to sleep]: Mm-hmm? 
[Casper]: If I were alive, would you go to the Halloween dance with me? 
[Kat]: Mm-hmm. 
[Casper]: Kat? 
[Kat]: Mm-hmm.
[Casper, whisper]: Can I keep you?
[Kat]: Mm-hmm.
[Casper kisses Kat on the cheek]
[Kat]: Casper, close the window. It's cold. 

[Amelia Harvey]: That was a very noble thing you did tonight, Casper. 
I know Kat will never forget it. 
She needs her father. 
And I know yours won't forget it either. 
You fulfilled his greatest dream, Casper, and I know he is very, very proud of you. 
And for what you've done, I'm giving you your dream in return. 
But it's just for tonight. Sort of a Cinderella deal. 
[Casper]: So I have until midnight? 
[Amelia Harvey]: Ten. 
[Casper]: Hey, Cinderella got until midnight.
[Amelia Harvey]: Cinderella wasn't twelve years old. 

James, I know you have been searching for me, but there's something you must understand. 
You and Kat loved me so well when I was alive that I have no unfinished business, please don't let me be yours. 
[Amelia Harvey]


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