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Monday, January 2, 2012


First, He Was Home Alone, 
Now He's Lost In New York

You can mess with a lot of things, but you can't mess with kids on Christmas. 
[Kevin McCallister]

Don't you know a kid always wins against two idiots? 
[Kevin McCallister]

[Kate McCallister]: Well you got your wish last year. Maybe you'll get it again this year.
[Kevin McCallister]: I hope so! 

I know I don't deserve a Christmas, even if I did do a good deed. 
I don't want any presents. 
Instead, I want to take back every mean thing I ever said to my family. 
Even if they don't take back the things they said to me. 
I don't care. 
I love all of them... Including Buzz. 
I know it isn't possible to see them all. 
Could I just see my mother? 
I'll never want another thing as long as I live if I can just see my mother. 
I know I won't see her tonight, but promise me I can see her again. 
Sometime. Any time. 
Even if it's just once and only for a couple minutes. 
I just need to tell her I'm sorry.
[Kevin McCallister, staring at the Rockafellar Center tree]


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