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Friday, January 20, 2012


It's not faith, it's work. 
[Sister Helen Prejean]

Thank you for loving me. 
[Matthew Poncelet]

I just wanna say I think killin' is wrong, no matter who does it, whether it's me or y'all or your government.
[Matthew Poncelet]

[Sister Helen Prejean]: Show me some respect, Matthew. 
[Matthew Poncelet]: Why? 'Cause you're a nun?
[Sister Helen Prejean]: Because I'm a person. 

[Clyde Percy]: How can you stand next to him? 
[Sister Helen Prejean]: Mr. Percy, I'm just trying to follow the example of Jesus, who said that a person is not as bad as his worst deed. 
[Clyde Percy]: This is not a person. This is an animal. 

[Prison Guard]: Do you have any last words, Poncelet? 
[Matthew Poncelet]: Yes, I do. 
Mr. Delacroix, I don't wanna leave this world with any hate in my heart. 
I ask your forgiveness for what I done. 
It was a terrible thing I done, taking your son away from you. 
[Clyde Percy, softly to his wife]: How about us?
[Matthew Poncelet]: Mr. and Mrs. Percy, I hope my death gives you some relief.

A mother's arms are strong when her child is in danger. 
[Helen's Mother]


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